The University of Washington Daily

Here is a selection of pieces I wrote for The Daily, the University of Washington’s student newspaper. At various times I also worked as editor of the Daily’s science section, as a a video reporter for UWTV and on the Daily’s crime beat

New dating method gives insights on Oso landslides
After a hillside near the town of Oso, Wash., collapsed in March 2014, killing 43 people, geologists flocked to the scene looking for answers

Professors weigh risks of advances in artificial intelligence
Dan Weld, professor of computer science and engineering (CSE) at the UW, said the threat of super-intelligent machines is exaggerated

Moment of science: Why animal testing is essential for medical progress (This interview was picked up by the National Association for Biomedical Research, which mentioned and linked to it on their website)
The Daily talked with David Anderson, executive director of Health Sciences Administration at the UW and chair of the building committee of the Animal Care and Research Facility, about why and how animals are used as models in research

Liquid water on Mars is no surprise to UW researchers
The finding is significant according to UW professor of geomorphology, David Montgomery, but it also offers a glimpse into the politics of scientific research

MOD Pizza founders talk entrepreneurship at the Foster School of Business
The founders were profiled by Forbes last September and were the subject of a case study from Harvard Business School

UW community comes together for 44th annual powwow

Elders share their knowledge with the UW community