The International Examiner

Here is a selection of my articles for the International Examiner, a newspaper that covers Seattle’s Chinatown/International District and Asian Pacific Islander American issues in the Northwest. You can see the full list of my articles for the IE here.

Marshallese poet and activist Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner talks climate change, nuclear trauma, and cultural resiliency 

A home away from home for Pacific Islander students at the Burke Museum

Trump’s budget leaves out funding for Japanese American incarceration history

Does the CID have a NIMBY attitude toward the homeless? It’s complicated

National Week of Action on Immigration: API community members stand up for immigrants, DACA recipients

Executive Order 9066: Artists and activists draw parallels to the present

Disaggregating data on Asian Pacific Islanders reveals hidden stories of disparity (Story was one of two finalists for the 2015 Region 10 SPJ Mark of Excellence award for In-Depth Reporting)
While Asian Pacific Islanders in Washington comprise 25 countries of origin, they’re often treated as one category. Disaggregating the data—holding a magnifying glass to the numbers, zooming in on the sub-group level—can reveal large disparities.

Still no justice served for Donnie Chin: Community holding police accountable to solve murder investigation
Four months after Donnie Chin, founder and director of the International District Emergency Center (IDEC),was killed during a shootout between rival gangs, Washington State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos organized a public meeting at the Nagomi Teahouse so police could update the community on the progress of the murder investigation

WSU ethnic studies professor deals with controversial fallout over syllabus
What John Streamas says was the most miserable hour of his life started with something small: a few words in a syllabus

We are the Ocean: Wing Luke exhibit highlights indigenous Pacific narratives of climate change 
As global warming heats up the planet and melts the ice caps, rising seas are putting communities and cultures in physical, and even existential danger

Marching for immigrant rights on May Day 2016
Immigrant rights was an especially important concern for marchers and speakers at this year’s May Day rally

North Korean refugee Yeonmi Park tells her story at UW
Yeonmi Park is 22, but she’s seen more tragedy and horror than most people have in their whole lives. After escaping from North Korea in 2007 at the age of 13, she and her mother faced hunger, exploitation, and detention on the way to the safety and freedom of South Korea.

WA charter schools declared unconstitutional, International District’s Summit Sierra High School rallies in protest
At a September 10 rally held at the International District’s Summit Sierra High School, a charter school barely four weeks old, hundreds of members of the charter school community spoke out against a recent Washington Supreme Court decision declaring charter schools in the state unconstitutional.