Seattle Weekly

Seattle Is Creating a Ton of Low-Income Housing. How Do We Decide Who Gets It?
The wait-lists and lotteries of low-income housing in Seattle.

The Duwamish Aren’t Holding Out Hope for Last-Minute Recognition By Obama
In the last days of the Obama era, could the federal government finally recognize the Duwamish people and grant them the rights and benefits they’ve fought for ever since white settlers came to Seattle? Duwamish Tribal Chair Cecile Hansen isn’t holding her breath.

Former Seattle Police Chief: We Could Become a ‘Sanctuary City’ for Marijuana
Trump’s decision to appoint U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General has some in the industry freaking out at the possibility of a federal crackdown on the fledgling industry

Did a Divided Left Really Kill Our Nation’s First Carbon Tax?
Apart from King County and tiny San Juan County up north—which represents just under 8,000 voters—every county in Washington rejected I-732, which aimed to be a revenue-neutral carbon tax modeled off the one in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A New Gun Control Measure Is Going Before Voters, and the Gun Lobby Seems to Be Holding Fire
Initiative 1491 would allow family or housemates of a person at risk of harming themselves, as well as police, to step in and prevent the person from buying or possessing guns, by petitioning for a court order

Ceremony, Protest Mark Indigenous Peoples’ Day
“I walk Indian, I sing Indian, I drum Indian, I tell stories Indian. And now we have a city that celebrates that in all of us.”

Activists Stage Slow March for Fast Public Internet at City Hall
Kshama Sawant and Rob Johnson are trying to breathe new life into muni-broadband

As Politicians Make Homelessness a Focus, Will the Homeless Get Out and Vote?
“The people who are most impacted by public-policy decisions are often the last ones to know about how to engage in that conversation.”

Ash to Glass: Ballard Studio Turns Cremated Remains Into Art
For three years Glass Eye Studio the company has been making glass keepsakes that incorporate human or animal ashes into the glasswork.

Think Clowns Are Creepy? Get Over It and Learn to Love the Art
Doctor Hamsterfuzz explains the power of the art.