During winter and spring 2016 I was an intern with, an online news site offering in-depth coverage of Seattle and the Northwest. Since then I’ve also contributed to Crosscut as a freelancer.

Can the Ethiopian community hang on in Seattle?
The Ethiopian presence in Seattle dates back to the 1970s, a period when thousands of people left Ethiopia for all corners of the world, fleeing murderous and oppressive regimes, war and drought

At UW, students get lessons on homelessness
Tent City 3’s stay at the UW is designed to help educate students as well as benefit the encampment residents

After a detention, DACA recipients live in fear
Whatever the facts, Ramirez’s case has left some DACA recipients in Washington fearing for the future

A critical exhibit in this time of Trump
The show deals with race, discrimination and human rights through the lens of the Japanese incarceration during World War II and the new world of xenophobia brought forth by Donald Trump

Saving the language that brought us ‘Seattle’
Lushootseed was once spoken by an estimated 12 thousand people from tribal nations all across the Puget Sound. Today, only a few people speak it

LGBTQ Muslims feel ‘sliced in two’ by Orlando slaughter
But if the attack was disturbing for Muslims in general, it was particularly traumatic for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) Muslims, who are often the object of discrimination from within their own community

Tent city for homeless headed to UW campus
Next winter, 100 homeless people might set up a tent city on the UW campus, to serve as their home for 90 days

City environmental efforts: Got justice? (Also published on KCTS9 Earthfix and picked up by Oregon Public Broadcasting)
Communities of color in Seattle could have more reason to celebrate the local environment in years to come. That’s the hope, at least, behind new policies from Mayor Ed Murray

Bitcoin miners have discovered Washington
Drawn by cheap hydropower, cyber entrepreneurs are encountering concerns about their appetite for electricity

War games coming to a park near you
The Navy has pinpointed 68 locations in Washington to use for combat training exercises that began in mid-January, the non-profit news organization Truthout reported early this year

Explosive claims drive fight over proposed LNG terminal
Environmental activists helped cancel construction of the world’s largest methanol refinery, which was proposed for the Port of Tacoma. Now they’ve set their sights on another fossil fuel facility

Asia McClain, alibi in ‘Serial’ case, tells her story
Chapman, who now lives in Spokane, never could have imagined that, 15 years later, this 15 or 20 minute conversation would make her the key figure in a record-smashing podcast, Serial

West Coast states dropping prescription requirement for birth control
There are no plans to make such legislation common across the entire West Coast, with women’s health advocates believing there are better battles this year in Washington State.