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Abdulaziz Alobra’s First Day

I made a video for the First Days Project, which collects stories of immigrants to the US and their first days in the country. See the original piece here.


“When I was in Saudi Arabia I was thinking about the United States which is the best country in the world, so I have maybe high level expectations. So when I came here – I’ll not say some disappointed, but not that what I was thinking about. The first few days I was just like, have a shock of, “is that really America?” So, then I started to figure out – I like the nature here –it’s a green city, I love it, but it’s still not that what I was thinking.

I don’t know what I was expecting, because I told you my expectation was high. I don’t know, maybe I will arrive there, and I will find a robot which is help me in everything.

Here, when the sun goes down, you will not see anyone. Everyone will just disappear – I don’t know. So it’s a scare to get out and there is no one. In Saudi Arabia it’s 9 or 10 in the night, and the street is crowded – so you feel safe.

Yeah, the social here is not like in Saudi Arabia. We always want to hang out together and have a lot of stuff to do. Here I don’t find any extroverts, or extroverts which I was expecting to. That’s in the beginning, so after that I start to adapt and I start to have friends.

The most thing surprised me here it’s – you know, in Saudi Arabia, the best restaurant for me is Subway sandwiches – I like it so much there. And when I came here and went to Subway and took sandwich…Come on, that’s Subway? Really? Even when I take one sandwich I can’t eat it all. I don’t know what’s the problem – why would they do something like this? Subway here is not that good – not like in Saudi Arabia.”

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