Welcome to my portfolio site. My name is Chetanya Robinson and I’m a journalist in Seattle journalist and graduate of the University of Washington. I hope to work as a full time multimedia journalist and storyteller. I focus on writing, dabble in photography and editing, and also enjoy branching out into multimedia tools like video, audio and data visualizations. I’m interested in a wide variety of subjects including culture, identity, politics, the environment, social issues and global affairs.

My work has appeared in local publications including The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, Crosscut, KCTS 9, the Seattle Globalist, the International Examiner, the South Seattle Emerald, Redmond Reporter and more. In summer 2016 I interned with Awoko newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone (check out my blog covering my time there).

Photo by Eric Alexander

You can see examples of some of my work on this site under the “Written Clips” section, as well as my video and multimedia work.

Here are some ways to contact me if you want to get in touch:



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And here is my resume if you want to learn more about me: